Help to Move – The Senior Move Partnership

| 23 April 2021

Introducing the senior Move Partnership and an exclusive offer for making a move to Pearl House

If it’s been some time since you moved home, then professional help can make life so much easier when planning your move – so you know what needs to happen and when.

The team at Senior move partnership only work in the retirement sector and Eden Retirement Living have teamed up with them to give you the right support, bespoke to you, as and when you need it. This team are experienced and trusted with trained Senior Move Managers who take the stress, hard work and worry out of moving home.

The Senior Move team know that every client is different…

They tackle the issues important to you, enabling you to remain in control of your move and the decisions made, creating a bespoke plan of support to help make your move happen.

When you have lived in your home for a very long time each room will evoke special memories and possessions will be precious for a wide range of reasons. The team work at your pace, helping you to feel in control and comfortable with the decisions that are being made.

To give you an idea of just how they can help you we have outlined some of the things that the Senior Move team can assist with on your journey to your new life at Pearl House.

  • Sensitive, practical ‘hands on’ downsizing support – help with all aspects of the house as well as sheds, your garden and garage.
  • Liaison with family members, solicitors, estate agents, and the team at Pearl House. Preparing inventories of belongings detailing their destination point (auction, new home, family etc)
  • Arranging for the sale, donation or recycling of possessions and furniture no longer required
  • The safe and secure disposal of old financial and personal documents
  • Furniture floor planning – helping you decide what will fit and where in the new home
  • Change of address and utility notifications
  • Arranging removal companies
  • Furniture, curtains and storage
  • Shopping for the new home
  • Moving day support – reading meters, dropping keys off and driving you to your new home
  • Fully unpacking, making the beds and setting up your new home

Having someone there for you is very important and we know just how much difference it can make for you – If you make a reservation and would like the benefit of this service Eden will be happy to make this available to you – just remember ‘Help to Move’ when you get in touch.